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Explore Locally with City Parks Alliance

By Catherine Nagel, Executive Director, City Parks Alliance Think twice before planning that far away outdoor adventure. Staying local can help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus as you can limit unnecessary stops for food and gas that come with long trips. When staying local you can support local businesses and explore the local communities.

Explore Locally: City Parks and Greenspace As the coronavirus has closed schools, businesses, libraries, and entertainment venues, park use has surged, especially in urban areas. People are seeking nature and open space as a break from quarantines and as a way to bring some normalcy to our lives. This summer, as you and your family look to get outside and recreate, do so responsibly and remember that nature may be just a few blocks away. Skip the travel and find a trail, greenway, or park for your picnic, hike or bike ride, to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or just catch up with friends. Take advantage of your urban waterways for a paddle or release some stress using outdoor fitness stations. Spaces like cemeteries, the original urban parks, may also have good walking trails. Cities are responding to the needs of their residents and adapting their park programming and design to these extraordinary times, creating more space for people to be outdoors. Many are closing parkways and streets to cars and opening them to cyclists, joggers and walkers, and widening bike lanes and trails. Follow local guidelines of park and recreation staff and keep proper physical distance from others. Bring your own food and water, and pack out your trash to help keep parks clean. City parks and greenspace support physical and mental health, keep our air cooler and water cleaner, and allow us to experience the beauty of nature where we least expect it. For your next get away, explore your local park! Learn More: Benefits of Urban Parks Park Programming Case Studies


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