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How to Recreate Responsibly

Camping Edition

When we set up camp in a tent, cabin, RV, or other similar structure, we impact the places we stay. Whether on public or private land, in a park or a forest, in the desert or on the beach, or anywhere else, let's work together to recreate responsibly while camping.

Know Before You Go

Understand the place you’re visiting. Look up the weather forecast. Know if water is accessible, what facilities are available, and if fire or pets are allowed. Learn about the area’s Indigenous culture, local communities, and activities.

Plan And Prepare

Be sure you’ll have a place to camp. Whether on federal, state, or private lands; make reservations well in advance. If your first choice is booked, look into lesser-visited areas. Bring & know how to use appropriate gear. This can make or break your experience.

Build A Safe and Inclusive Outdoors

Spending time in nature is essential for everyone. Actively make the outdoors welcoming for all identities & abilities, and safe when it comes to fire, water, and wildlife.

Respect Others

Understand your impact on your surroundings. Even if you’re camped far from others, sound travels far in the outdoors. Keep a clean camp to help future visitors and hosts—and to protect wildlife from harm.

Keep Exploring

Be open to making alternative plans or staying at different sites. Your initial destination may be impacted by heavy visitation, weather, climate—or just not be what you expected.

Make it Better

Camping brings us into nature; we become a part of the ecosystem. Care for the landscape and its inhabitants by considering your impact. Take roads slowly and take waste with you. Give back to places that provide refuge and renewal.

Understanding camping responsibly...

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Your One Stop Shop:

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A place with all the tools, services, and information you'll need for your next adventure from campsites to permits to tours and many more!

From public parks to private lands, discover tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping around the world!  

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State Parks


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Find a state park near you and places to stay!

Find a National Park Service site near you! 

Check out these resources to help keep yourself, others, and our public lands safe while camping. 

Camping responsibly is adopting an ecosystem mentality. Adopting an ecosystem mentality means understanding that we change our surroundings too. When we camp on public lands, we impact the places we stay. From setting up a campfire to chatting with our friends and family under the stars, we're a part of the natural environment around us. Learn more about how we can camp responsibly as a first-time camper, with a dog, in bear country, campfire safety, and more. 

For Community Centers or Retailers:

Share these posters or rackcards with your recreating community! 

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If you'd like to see your camping resource(s) listed here reach out below.

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