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How to Recreate Responsibly

Creators Edition

Creators are responsible to the outdoors. The purpose of anything we put out should lead back to building social and environmental responsibility and equity across platforms. 


Know Before You Go

Connect with land managers about permit requirements, weather, and local guidelines. Research and contact the location well in advance.

Plan And Prepare

The outdoors can be high risk with conditions that change quickly. Be ready with the right gear and be aware of drone "no fly zones."

Build An Inclusive Outdoors

Inspire others to see themselves in nature. Showcase diverse backgrounds, abilities, and meanings of the "outdoors."

Respect Others

Minimize impacts to other users. Avoid blocking trails, and give space to people recreating or working.


Leave No Trace

Respect the land, water, wildlife, and Native and local communities. Avoid sensitive habitats. Showcase responsible use.


Make it Better

Inspire others to respect and nurture our outdoor spaces. Depict responsible recreation in action - and behind the scenes.

To access the full Create Responsibly Edition communications toolkit, take the pledge below! 

Understanding our role in caring for the places where we create...

Greening production practices are critical for addressing climate change and our carbon footprints. But what about our literal footprints? When we utilize a space to create and share our art or message, we have a shared responsibility to one another, future generations, and the land itself along with its inhabitants.

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All Creators!

Film-makers, influencers, content creators, artists, production companies, or TikTok-ers: join the movement to collectively care for the places we all love and value.


Pledge to adopt the Create Responsibly tenets and to take part in the growing #CreateResponsibly movement. The aim is to develop a community of creators who harness the power of their resources to amplify responsible content creation practices and a sense of shared stewardship. As a member of this community, creators will receive an exclusive toolkit with a badge to include in content, websites, portfolios, end credits, and promotional materials – and more to come.


Signing the pledge is just the first step - stay tuned for additional opportunities to get involved with shaping the future of “creating responsibly”.

Take the Pledge:

Can you commit to #CreateResponsibly?


Help build a more sustainable and equitable outdoors for all through content creation. Stay tuned for the next step involvement in the Create Responsibly Campaign including access to a social media toolkit. 

Take the #CreateResponsibly Pledge to download and utilize an official badge!
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